Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Hatyai trip with cousin~

Of coz come to hatyai, the 1st thing MUST DO is eat

(malaysia dont have)

and drink a cup of coffee~~

This MCD can be easily found at Lee Garden~

After eaten fast food~

is time to go jalan jalan inside the shopping mall.

Actually we wanna go for the sky buffet dinner at Floor 33,

but if you need to go up to that floor~

you need to change the elevator at 10th floor.

Suddenly found they didnt lock the door in the hotel,

so we go there to have some JUMP


and some view taken 

After that, is time for sky buffet at hatyai!

(very very cheap)

Some more they didnt not chase you, 

so you can eat till what time you like

Therefore, we wait till they open at 5pm

sit till 8.00pm 


Of coz we see the from no lighting till have every houses open their light~

This is all the scene i have taken during my dinner~

nice view~

can eat while seeing all the night view~

After fully fill our stomach,

Here come to the main dish!


Too full already, almost vomit out all my food~

Besides, Tutu is a must to take at hatyai~

We take the tutu to market to buy Zebra 


Furthermore, we also go to samila beach to take picture with the mermaid

The beach view at here is nice~ 

some more at that day, the wind is so strong

some of the beach view i have taken~~<3 p="">

While enjoy the scenery,

we also buy kelapa ice cream

Quite special for me~

So i decided to try!

some more free flow drink coconut water.


At Hatyai, there is also many mosque

Last but no least, 

Crystalline island

we had to sit boat to an island 

so while waiting the boat come, 

i take scenery picture again~

After reach~

ofcoz is taking picture 

Taking picture all the way to the end!



in my most of my picture,

What can you found?? 


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