Friday, 14 February 2014

100 DORAEMON EXPO (Viva Home)

Long time didnt update my blog already,

I think now here all spider web liao~

2nd time going 100 Doraemon expo~

This time when to Malaysia one~

Want to buy student price, but too bad.... Here DONT have student price.

Before going in~ 

Snap some cute doraemon emotion photo~~

When u go in~ you can see this

So Let's us start the journey with doraemon~

Come! Let's go to the time machine~ we go back to the invention of doraemon!

When to see the process of doraemon!

After knowing the process of doreamon, 

So now~ we continue with 100 type of doreamon and it's special gadget

Besides taking photo with doraemon, 

I also become actor in doreamon in comic!

See~ comic world + comic world

Now all comic world!! lolx

Let's go to their wedding !

Found some specials thing to play beside snapping picture.





Special doraemon drink~ <3 p="">  

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